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Hi friends, I am Anjali Sharma, I am a resident of Uttar Pradesh After studying from top college, she came to visit Churchgate I have been in Churchgate for a year I'm a beautiful girl and my figure is very soft I stay fit fat I have been escort joining for a few months I do this work with my own I love meeting and sharing with people as much as the heart of people I am always 24 hours ready and waiting for your call If you are looking for escorts girls Please see me once in Churchgate, if you do not feel happy, I will give the payment back. I say this to you that you will be so happy with me that I will go by giving extra tips and give 100% guarantee.

I tell you what the customer says about me

Whoever met me till today has gone wow Plus advance booking is also done, I do not take any payment for advance booking. People go by giving and take my personal number and they also give their personal number In the free time, I keep their mind in peace, whenever I or they are free, they talk. People also say that if service is top, below you, I have not seen a girl like you. I want to keep something permanent but I don't go Because I do not work daily, I work only three days a week Other days I keep studying and modeling Churchgate escorts, so I joined that people will continue to meet and some money To get up from one to one people is done to share things of the heart.

If you have a chance, call me once If you want to find me personally in Google then bust Churchgate mood with area by typing together my number and my website will come on Google So that you can easily get in touch with me.

Today I want to tell you something special about Churchgate Escorts why some people are sitting in Churchgate who are earning money from people in the name of giving service. But you are not giving service, please be careful with such people, if you make a small mistake, your money will also go and you will not get service. And you will not be able to do anything, it will be deceit on the standing land with you.

We never cheat our customers, we tell you how we serve our customers. If your phone is at first, then we will first tell you about our service and then after that you will send a photo of real girls which you will like, you have been able to confirm us by WhatsApp, then after that you will also be paid. If you agree then the deal will be fixed so that after reaching you, you can pay before the service is done.

At this time we are offering big offers, do not miss the offer to the customer.

If you book our service at this time, you will be given big offers. Full 75% offer is available. I have that Vip Service and not the third quality service, before taking the service, please take a look at the profile You will not be fooled, you can get this offer from our website only This offer is for limit time, do not miss it or else you will miss it very much.

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