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No matter how much you shy away from talking about sex, believe it is not as much fun to drown in it as anyone else. Then whether you want to pursue your relationship with your boyfriend or the first night after marriage, this feeling is very special. But first-time nervousness is as much as excitement. By talking to experts, we are giving some tips to reduce your confusion and increase the conference.

You are the first person to do toilet jokes and loose talk among friends. Enjoying watching movies or TV, bed scenes. But when it was my turn, it was a teary-eyed phis… You turned out to be a paper tiger. If you are so nervous, how will you win? Sex is not a rocket science. Let us know what those 10 things are, which must be kept in mind while having sex for the first time.

Try these positions for the first time

Missionary: This is the most basic and easily possible position.

Side by side position: In this position, the man will get a chance to enter easily and you will also be comfortable.

Girl on Top: If you are comfortable, you can also choose this position. This position will make your partner feel excited and control will also be in your hands.

What do women think about sex

We used to think that women want sexual activity for a long time, but recent studies show that men feel that women do not want long sex.

Often women are happy with a short time intercourse, they do not want to keep it long, while most men want to keep the process long.

After making sex relationship many times I cannot understand whether I have been able to satisfy my girlfriend or not. I wish that I can support him for a longer time to satisfy him.

Men can maintain abstinence for 5 to 10 minutes during sex, but 71 percent of men wish that they would have been able to do so for much longer. The intercourse that ends within 7 to 13 minutes is considered excellent. "Many men feel ashamed of not being able to maintain restraint for long.

Those who have a good sexual life also want to prolong the process of sex. The reason for this is that these men have grown up watching porn and talk about sex more than their previous generation. These things are now in the media, in films, also in books. Today's women also do not hesitate to tell what they like and dislike during sex. Because of this, there is a lot of pressure on men.

In today's era, Sheesh Mahal may or may not be possible for everyone, but 'vogging' is definitely possible. Vogging means having sex in front of a glass and watching your partner have sex with you.

The most intense desire of a man is to see his partner with him. She does not get much pleasure in watching porn as well. Actually, it is more a matter of feeling than having sex. So even today try this sutra of Vatsyayan and your intimate moments in the mirror.

Hugs and kisses must be done before having sex. This increases sexual arousal and gives a strange relief.

There are eight types of hugs. Lataveshtik, Vrikshiradhak, Tilatandulak, Kshirjalak, Arupguhan, Jaganopaguhan, Sthanalingan and Lalatika. In Lataveshtik, just as the creeper clings to the tree, in the same way, the woman clings to the man and tilts his mouth slightly, moving slightly, taking his sycophanies, observing her facial beauty. In a tree tree, like a woman climbing a tree, she presses one man's leg with one of her feet and completely wraps the other's leg with her other leg. Putting one hand on the back of the man, with the other hand tries to climb on his shoulder and neck by leaning downwards, kissing him slowly.

In a tilatandulak, a man lying on the bed on the right side of the woman hugs his left leg by putting it between the thighs of the woman and the left hand between his right armpit. In this type of hug both legs and arms meet like sesame seeds in paddy. Sitting in the lap of a man in a kshirajjalak hug, the woman snaps both her legs in his waist and both of them press their chest tightly together. In Arupangoohan, men and women lie down facing each other. With one or both of your thighs, press one or both of the partner's thigh very loudly. In the pubic body, a woman has to lie down on her thigh while pressing her thigh. In Stannalingan, the woman applies her breasts to the man's chest and puts all their weight on the man's chest and then presses them hard. At the same time, in Lalatika, one has to press his head in front of the partner's mouth and his eyes in front of his eyes.

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